Subscribe to a house near RELO Wonen costs for both individuals and businesses € 25.00. Allows for 6 months registered with us. When you successfully RELO Wonen mediates in finding suitable accommodation, conciliation, the commission one (1) months rent (exclusive 21% VAT).


U bent op zoek naar een geschikte kandidaat voor uw huur huis? Voor de juiste huurder voor uw huurwoning bent u bij RELO Wonen op het juiste adres!


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Find your ideal temporary rental with RELO Wonen!

You could think of renting studios, rooms, apartments, houses, farmhouses, bungalows, villa's and even houseboats for example. Rentals houses are mostly rent for limited perdiod period of six months up to three years. Depending on your requirements the house could be (semi-)furnished or unfurnished, located in rural or urban and contemporary or traditional style.

The reason why our clients want to rent a house is because it is in the region of their work, they're moving out or for example they have sold their house and the new house is not available yet.


When you subscribe with RELO Wonen:

  • many houses for rent available immediately;
  • no waiting lists;
  • reliable and one of the largest providers;
  • direct and unlimited rental search;
  • for companies and individuals;
  • more than 2500 satisfied clients;
  • offer direct published on website;
  • a personal approach.

Rent a house? RELO Wonen!

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It's an all-in-one rentals site that's jam-packed with the most useful and timely information on homes for rent, neighborhoods, markets and trends to help you figure out exactly what, where and when to rent.

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