Documents renting

Documents for renting a home

You have visited a property and would like to rent it. We then need the following documents from you.

Documents to be delivered by all persons involved. (not of persons younger than 18 years)

Standard documents:

  • Clearly readable color copy front and back of a valid identity card, passport and possible residence permit.
  • – Owner’s declaration of your current rental home. (if applicable)

You are in paid employment:

  • Employer’s declaration (no older than 1 month)
  • Copy last 3 pay slips. (if weekly wages last 5 payslips)
  • Copy of bank statement last 3 salary deposits.
  • Copy of signed employment contract.

You are an independent entrepreneur:

  • Proof of registration of the Chamber of Commerce (not older than 1 month)
  • Auditor’s reports of the past three years (signed by accountant)

If you have been working as an independent entrepreneur for less than three years, last two years and possibly an audit certificate and forecast current and / or coming year)

  • Copy of the last income tax / corporation tax return.

If you have a guarantor, we also need all the above documents from the guarantor plus a guarantee statement. The application form guarantee can be requested via RELO Wonen.

You are responsible for making a secure copy of your identity card and payslip.
Click here for information about ‘how to make a safe copy.

Please delete your BSN number/ Personal ID number on all relevant documents in connection with the Personal Data Protection Law.

After receiving your data, we will check whether you are eligible for the home and of course keep we you informed about the process.

We trust that you have received sufficient information.

RELO Wonen