Answers to frequently asked questions by tenants:

I am looking for a rental property, how do I do that best?

To begin with, you are already at the website of RELO Wonen and that is a good start of your search!

You can view all available properties on our website. Is there a house on the website that you would like to visit? Then you can easily submit a viewing request via the registration form which you can find here:

If isn’t a suitable accommodation in our online offer, sign up as a house hunter or give us a search assignment ! Read more about RELO Wonen as your rental agent.

I come across the same house on many other sites. How is that possible?

Many collection sites retrieve available homes from other sites and add them to their own site. This offer is not always up-to-date and we unfortunately have no influence on the presentation of rental properties on external websites.

Do I pay registration fees?

No! Registering with us is entirely free of obligation and free of charge. Want to register now? Click here! Link

Should I also register if I only want to view a property?

Yes. Before we schedule a viewing, we would like to know whether you are eligible for the available home. You must also be aware of and agree with our terms and conditions. We will also ask you a number of questions regarding, your family composition, the number of people you want to rent with, do you have pets, the amount of your income (s) and minimum rental period.If one or more items are not in accordance with the conditions set by the lessor, scheduling a viewing is unfortunately of no use. However, we can see if we have another property available that you can qualify for! Immediately submit an viewing request?

How long is my registration valid?

Your registration is valid for six months. Did we not find a home for you or did you not respond to the online offer during this period? Then you will receive an email from us that we will archive your registration. If you want to remain actively enrolled, send us an e-mail, we will then keep your registration valid for another six months.

Are all available houses published on the website?

Only properties that the landlord has commissioned us to find a good tenant for this will be published on the website.

What are the income criteria?

RELO Wonen has a gross income requirement of three times the gross rent.

When a landlord uses a different income standard, this is stated in the advertisement.

Does the income of my partner also count towards determining the income requirement?

The income of your partner also counts towards the income requirement. This means that both of you are on the rental agreement as a tenant, so that you both bear just as much responsibility to comply with the provisions included in the rental agreement.

Is a benefit or alimony also seen as income?

Yes, a benefit is also seen as income. The amount of your benefit is, however, important; you also have to meet the income requirement of three times the rent.

An alimony can also count in certain cases.

Can I also rent a property through RELO Wonen if it is not on your website?

Yes, you can still give us a search assignment. We will then actively search for the desired property outside our portfolio.

What happens if I give RELO Wonen a search assignment?

If you give us a search assignment, we will actively search for the desired property, both inside and outside our portfolio. Read more about RELO Wonen as a rental partner.

What costs can I expect if I rent a property through RELO Wonen or give a search assignment?

For dwellings within our portfolio, the lessor is our client and you do not pay a brokerage commission.

You do pay us mediation costs if you give us a search order and we work for you as a rental broker.

Before you hear from us what the mediation costs are, that’s honest and clear right?

More information can be found on the page tenants on the website (link)

Can I also respond to homes published on the website if I have given a search assignment?

Certainly! The search assignment also applies to homes within our portfolio. Of course you will not owe a mediation fee in that case.

Can RELO Wonen still help me if I have already found a home?

Yes, that is possible. You may need extra help in negotiating the rental conditions and the legal part. Maybe you find it difficult to negotiate or do not want to do it yourself.

For us, these negotiations and the legal aspects are daily work! Why not hire an expert as a rental broker?

Can I have myself placed on an urgency list?

Unfortunately that is not possible we can’t use an urgency list. Every home seeker has the same chance of an available home.

Who determines whether I will get the property?

After a viewing of a property and after you have indicated that you want to rent the house, we ask you to send us a number of documents. After checking these documents and a credit check, we know whether you are financially capable enough to rent the house. After this we will consult the landlord. The landlord always has the last word and chooses  which tenant he wants to rent the house too. It does not matter whether it is a home from our own portfolio or a home that we have found for you.

Are all rental prices inclusive or excluding gas / electricity / water / internet and TV?

That differs per home. Some homes include all additional costs, other homes are exclusive of all additional costs or sometimes partly inclusive and partly exclusive. You can find these details on our website in the advertisement.

I have received an e-mail with available housing. Are these only homes that are suitable for me?

We send you weekly e-mails with the total new offer and we send you a weekly e-mail with the offer based on your search. This is to prevent us from missing a house to offer you. When there is a nice house in the mail you want to view, you can answer the mail. If there is no interesting offer, you do not have to respond.

I have received an e-mail with a house that is suitable for me. How fast should I react?

It is important that you respond as quickly as possible so that we can plan a viewing!

If it concerns a house that is not in our portfolio, it is often only available for a short time because several (external) parties respond to it. Who comes first ……..

Am I the only person who gets the house offered?

No, we are looking every day for many potential tenants. As soon as we take up a new home in our portfolio or have found a property outside our portfolio, it will be mailed to all suitable tenants.

Can I apply for Huurtoeslag on the rented property?

For the vast majority of homes in our portfolio, the initial rental price is often well above the huurtoeslag limit. The huurtoeslag limit is € 710.68 per month for 2017/2018. You can find the current issues regarding the huurtoeslag on the website of the tax authorities (link?)

For rooms, the rent is often below the limit, but huurtoeslag can’t be requested for this because it is not an independent house.

I have (a) pet (s), can I rent a home?

That is entirely dependent on the conditions of the landlord. It is important that you always let us know if and what kind of pets you have. The conditions for whether or not a pet is allowed is usually stated on our website with the offered property; This way you can already determine for yourself whether you are the right candidate for a home.

Why do I have to pay a deposit of one, two or sometimes three months rent?

A landlord wants to have the certainty that a tenant also fulfills the obligations from the lease agreement (logical, we think). The landlord also wants to be able to recover any damage that a tenant has caused in or on the property or the furniture / furnishings and equipment in the house if the tenant has not repaired it himself.

When do I have to pay rent and deposit?

The first rent and deposit must be paid before the key transfer. All subsequent rental payments must be paid before the first of the new month, unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement.

Do I get my deposit back at the end of the rental period?

You will receive your deposit if there is no damage to or in the rented property. This often happens within one month after the end of the lease.

Does the landlord still have a claim against you or have you made any damage in the property that you have not repaired or replaced before the end of the rental agreement? Then the lessor has the right to settle this with your deposit. If the deposit is more than the claim or the damage, you will receive the remainder of the deposit, is the deposit is not enough to cover the claim or the damage you will of course have to pay the difference.

What should I do if I do not get my deposit back?

If the rental agreement has been terminated and the rented property has been delivered, the lessor must refund the deposit to you. The landlord may not withhold or settle the deposit for no reason!

The refund of the deposit is subject to legal regulations. The law says the following about this: ‘A tenant must deliver the rented property to the landlord in the same state as at the start of the rent, with the exception of age or wear and normal user traces. If a record of the property has been made at the start of the lease, this serves as a guideline for the completion at the end of the lease. If there is damage, the landlord, provided that he has given you a reasonable term to repair the damage, can recover the damage from you. A record list must then have been drawn up at the end of the lease. Is there no record of the property at the start of the lease? Then it is considered to deliver the rented as it is at the end of the lease. A landlord must then prove that you caused the damage to the house. He cannot simply withhold the deposit, but has to start a procedure. ‘

What is a reasonable term for repairing damage that I have caused?

At the end of the lease you must deliver the house in the same condition as you received it at the start of the lease. You often know for yourself which items you need to repair or replace before you return the keys to the landlord.

If a record is made at the start of the rent then it is logical that the landlord also makes a record state at the end of the rent. A landlord can then make a pre-inspection with you about fourteen days before the end of the rental and together with you decide which items you have to repair before the end of the lease. On the end date you must have repaired all recorded items, including the items that remained hidden during the pre-inspection.

Have you not repaired the damage? Then the lessor has the right to have this damage repaired or replaced at your expense. The landlord then no longer needs to give you time to repair the damage. Has the landlord not done a pre-inspection? Then the landlord must give you the time to restore things after the end date. You have to take into account that you have to pay rent on the days you need to deliver the property in good condition. If included in your rental agreement, you may be fined by the landlord for each day that the property has not been delivered in the correct state.

How to continue if I want to rent a house?

You have viewed a nice home and after sleeping the night on it you would like to rent it? Of course you will immediately send us an enthusiastic e-mail to make your interest known! You will then receive a letter of intent from us. By signing this intention you indicate that you want to rent the property, we also send you an overview of the documents we require from you. After receiving the letter of intent and the documents requested by you, we will make an initial check of your documents. If this shows that you can be the suitable tenant, we will introduce you to the landlord as a potential new tenant of the house!

What should I do if I have complaints during the rental period?

In principle, you must state all complaints about the property to your landlord or the manager of the home (who the manager is, is listed in your rental agreement)

If we have the technical management of the property, you can contact us directly. This can be done by telephone on weekdays between 09:00 and 17:30 at the relevant office, 24/7 by e-mail or if there are urgent matters after opening hours or during the weekend via Whatsapp at number 075-7600013.

Of course you can always contact us during office hours on working days, even if we do not have the managenment over the property!

Which documents do I have to provide if I want to rent a house?

A complete overview of the requested documents can be found.

What happens to the documents that I send if I want to rent a house?

With your privacy in mind, we obviously handle your data very carefully. However, you are personally responsible for the manner in which you provide the requested documents to us.

After receiving your documents, we make an initial check on your income. For example, we will assess whether or not you can qualify for the home. After this, we introduce you to the landlord and if he wishes, we will send your income details to the landlord or in the case of a home outside our own portfolio to his broker. If the landlord has accepted you as a new tenant, we will do an extensive check, this means that we check your identity card (authenticity and whether it is not registered as stolen / missing), a credit check and a rental check (rental history). These checks are carried out at Huurcheck.

Is everything in order and you are accepted as the new tenant, congratulations !!

Are you not accepted as a new tenant, unfortunately! Of course, you can then start looking for another property’s with us. In that case, we will keep your details in our database for a short while so that you do not have to submit them again if a different home has been found. You can also ask us to delete your data.

For our Privacy policy we refer you to our Privacy statement

How do I apply for gas, water, electricity etc.?

If required, we can help you with the application for gas, water, electricity, internet and / or television (when the house is rented exclusively for these deliveries). We can take it all out of your hands by submitting the applications for you, of course we will do this in consultation with you so that we know what your wishes are. We can also put you in touch with a third party; they will then contact you by telephone and take you through the wishes you have regarding the deliveries. Together with you, they will examine which supplier suits you best and of course what is the most advantageous.

And do you know what is the best part? We offer this service completely free of charge!

What else should I think about when I am going to rent?

It is advisable to take out household contents insurance during the rental period even if you rent the house furnished. After all, you also have your own items such as clothing, computer, laptop, tablet or perhaps pieces of furniture or paintings and these are not covered by the home contents insurance of the lessor. For example, if there is a fire, you will need your own contents insurance to be able to temporarily rent other accommodation.

Also a liability insurance is wise to conclude (it is not mandatory).

When you rent a house you are directly responsible for municipal taxes such as sewage and waste tax and water  tax from the moment you register with your municipality. You are automatically charged for this by the municipality. In the event that the landlord is charged himself while you occupy the house, you must pay the landlord at the landlord’s first request.

Is your question not listed here? Do not hesitate to contact us we are always happy and enthusiastic to answer your questions!

RELO Wonen