Income criteria

In order to qualify for a rental property, we have a number of guidelines, including an income criteria (minimum monthly income) that you must meet. We use the income standard to reassure and satisfy each party and to prevent conflicts regarding (overdue) rent and security payments. We expect your income to be in proportion to the amount of the monthly rent, which of course differs per property.

Income standard guidelines

• Your gross monthly income must be at least three times your monthly net rental sum.

• In the case of payment obligations such as alimony, loans, etc., we deduct them from your monthly income.

• If you do not meet the income standard, an increased deposit may be submitted depending on the willingness of the lessor.

• If you do not have enough financial resources yourself, third parties (family / friends) can guarantee for you. Of course we test their creditworthiness .

• If neither you nor your environment have a demonstrable income and cannot pay a deposit, you will not be eligible for a rental property at RELO Wonen.

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