Vacancy Law

Rent out your property through the Vacancy Law?

That’s convenient! Renting out your house while you are already living in your new home! The monthly costs of your old home are covered – and you can decide for yourself what the rental price will be set and you don’t have to worry any longer about squatters, burglars and other types of concerns!

But how does it work?

With (temporary) renting out your home through the vacancy law, there are a number of laws and requirements to keep in mind. However, we are ready to assist you! We are happy to inform you about both the application for the permit from your municipality and the request for approval from your bank.

When does my home qualify for the Vacancy Law?

You as a landlord and your to be rented property, must comply with certain requirements for the applicability of the Vacancy Law, among:
✓ Your home is uninhabited.
✓ Your home is clearly visible up for sale.
✓ You have applied for and received a Vacancy Law permit from the municipality.
✓ You have applied for and received permission from the mortgage provider. .
✓ You will rent out your property for a minimum of six months and a maximum of five years (equal to the term of the permit).
✓ You have a maximum of two houses up for sale listed in your name.

No rental protection for a tenant

In the case of temporary renting under the Vacancy Law, the rental protection provisions from the Civil Code does not apply.

A rental agreement based on the Vacancy Law is generally concluded as long as the Vacancy permit is issued; usually for a period of five years. The first six months counts as a fixed rental term without cancellation being possible by both parties. Starting from the third rental month, a landlord can terminate the lease with a notice period of three calendar months if the property has been sold. Starting from the fifth month the tenant can terminate the lease with a notice period one calendar month.
A tenant must cooperate with viewings during the rental period and ensure that the property looks representative for potential buyers. Appointments for a viewing by the real estate agent are planned in consultation with the tenant.

Need our help? Feel free, without any obligations, to contact us. We guide and advise you with requesting a permit for rental on the basis of the Vacancy Law and the drawing up off a rental contract with the special requirements of this Law.

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