Property management

Do you want to rent out your home as carefree as possible? Do not want to spend time collecting bills, technical defects and / or questions from your tenant? That is no problem at all, we manage your real estate and all things involved. Easy isn’t it?

How can we be of service?

We offer you three services, varying in price and level of assistance. Renting out your home has never been easier!

Optie 1: financial management € 50, – per month

  • We invoice and collect the rent payments and transfer them to your account.
  • We advise you on the annual indexation of the rental price and enter it in the rental invoices.
  • If a tenant does not pay the rent on time, we directly take action up to the amicable collection process.

Big advantage of financial management? Experience learned us that a tenant pays faster and on time when they receive an official lease invoice each month. No worries about overdue rent or defaulters!

Optie 2: financial and technical management € 75, – per month

  • All financial management services.
  • During the entire rental period, we are the contact person between you and the tenant. This saves a lot of time and perhaps headaches!
  • We regularly carry out physical checks in your home for possible maintenance and because of the Opium legislation. This way you will not be surprised!
  • We also collect your mail and forward it to you by mail or by e-mail.

Optie 3: full management € 125, – per month

Do you want to stay in the background as a landlord and spend as little time as possible on the rental of your property? Then we take the entire rental process out of your hands. We’ll arrange for you:

  • all services of financial and technical management;
  • all matters in and around your house and your tenants during the rental period;
  • the correct handling at the end of the rental period;
  • handling the final bill for deliveries and services;
  • signing / finalizing the lease with your tenant;
  • have repairs and maintenance carried out in and around your home on the basis of quotations;
  • checking the correct execution of quotations and the financial settlement;
  • We are also the contact person for your tenant

Of course we will keep you informed by email of all current issues if you would prefer. (For full management, you must issue an authorization.)

Convinced of the ease of real estate management via RELO Wonen? Please feel free to contact us for a non-obligation appointment!

RELO Wonen