Insured renting


Unfortunately, Lloyds has decided not to continue the insurance product from January 1, 2020. There were too few applications for this insurance, so it was not profitable enough for the insurer to continue with this.
For this reason, RELO Wonen will no longer accept new applications.

Other options for creating a risk-reducing product for landlords will be looked into.
As soon as we can provide more information about this, it will be published on this page.



We are a bit proud. In cooperation with Huurcheck we can now offer you a unique landlord insurance. Because a building insurance policy does not always provide cover when you offer your house for up for rent, this insurance has been developed specifically for that reason.

  • Insured amount up to € 50,000.-
  • Cover for damage to your home and consequential damage to household effects, plus associated legal costs (comparable to a home insurance);
  •  Own risk of € 1500, – (more or less corresponds to the average deposit, so that you as a landlord do not have any risk);
    ** Exceptions are properties listed on the National Monument List.

What are the costs?

For only € 15, – including insurance tax per month, you can be insured for this. You can only apply for this insurance if the tenant has been positively screened via RELO Wonen via Huurcheck. (You pay one- time startup costs of € 95, -.)

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of safe and secure rental? We like to help you!

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