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Are you looking for a rental property and would you like help from a professional rental agent in Noord-Holland ? Do you like a personal, transparent, no non-sense cooperation?

Then RELO Wonen is the agency for you!

Why rent via RELO Wonen?

✓Daily changing selection of rental properties throughout Noord-Holland , including in Zaandam, Purmerend, Hoorn, Amsterdam e.o.

✓ with more than 9 years of experience we build a strong name for ourselves in the real estate market and amongst the rental brokers in Noord Holland;

✓ at RELO Wonen we are  honest, relaible én flexible;

✓successfully renting in a short period of time;

no cure no pay!

How does it work?

1. We start with your registration at RELO Wonen;. registration is free of charge and we keep your registration active for 6 months.

2. Please check if you meet our income criteria first!

3. You do?

4. Now the fun part starts! We can start planning viewings and/or we can start searching for the best suitable properties together .

5. Is there something to your liking? Then we plan one or more viewings and hopefully we will soon toast to success!

(In the unlikely event that we have not found a home after a long search, then you owe us nothing, we work on a no cure no pay basis.)

Found the house of your dreams! What now?

Great! We have found your perfect home in our online listing. What happens next?

We ask you for a number of documents to check if you are eligible for the property:

– copy of a valid identity card;

-An extract (BPR) from the municipal personal records database showing your current address. (not older than 2 months)

– proof of financial capacity: current employment contract, payslips, bank statements and employer’s statement.

Everthing according to plan? The rental agreement is drawn up, discussed and a appointment to sign is scheduled.



Services and rates

Have you found your dream home in the online offer on our RELO Wonen website? Then we only work for the landlord and you owe us nothing.

If you want more guidance in the rental process, you can purchase a service package of € 195, -. You may expect the following from RELO Wonen:

✓ going through your rental agreement and other relevant matters together;

✓ giving advice and tips on certain matters such as insurance, rent allowance;

✓ a translation of the lease in English with the accompanying General Provisions;

✓ assistance with applications for a permit;

✓ help with requesting a nameplate via the VVE;

✓ the organization of key transfer;

✓ taking care of the connections of energy and internet if required; *

✓ help with settling off meter readings at the end of the rental period when advances are included in the rental agreement;

✓ RELO Wonen will remain available for you with questions and / or problems during the rental period; **

* of course only if the utilities and internet facilities are in the name of the tenant!

** does RELO Wonen have the management of the property, then this is standard!

If you have found your dream home outside of our online offer – such as a house that is not on the website of RELO Wonen-, then of course we will mediate for you as a estate broker! The mediation costs are equal to one month’s rent (excluding VAT). You may expect the following from us:

✓ screening the lessor;

✓ to conduct the negotiations regarding your rental agreement;

✓ going through your rental agreement together and other relevant matters;

✓ the organization of your key transfer with extensive inspection report and photo’s;

✓ providing the connection of energy and internet, if desired.


Moreover, we remain as a helpline and contact person for your entire rental period!


Rent a house on behalf of a company!

If you rent a home on behalf of a company, we charge a brokerage commission of 1 month rent excluding VAT regardless of whether the property comes from our portfolio or that we found it outside our portfolio for you.






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